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Color: Gold
Size: 300ml
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Plyfit metallic acrylic aerosol spray paint

1.It is made from thermoplastic acrylic resin with advanced techniques.

2.It can be applied for surface processing of metal, wood and glass.

3.It can provide vivid metallic effect;

4.Chrome spray paint can make electroplating effect.

5.It can replace the traditional chroming techniques.

6.It can effectively resist UV radiation, enhance the aging-resistance of the decorated goods and prevent erosion.

7. Providing films with excellent weather resistance.

8. Good leveling, high coverage, fast dry, rich color and high luster, better flexibility, impact enduring, strong adhesiveness, and match well with many types of paint primers.



1.100% acrylic resin

2.Fast dry

3.Be used in surface finishing and mending


5.Low chemical odor 

6.Last for 2 years

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