Waterproofing Flexikote Duram


Color: RED
Size: 1L
R 70

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Quality Acrylic Waterproofing

An acrylic waterproofing paint that forms a flexible waterproofing barrier when used in conjunction with Duramesh membrane, to seal joints and cover fine cracks on roofs and walls.

Product Uses

Seals joints and covers fine cracks.  Waterproofs flashings, parapets, wall & chimney cappings, roof joints, roof screws and repairs to pitched roofs.


  • Used with Duram Duramesh membrane, it withstands cracking and movement of the underlying surface.
  • Flexible and durable waterproofer.
  • Easy application by brush.
  • Excellent adhesion and coverage.
  • Can be topcoated with Duram roof or decorative paints, or used as a final coat.
  • Water-based - application tools are easy to clean with water.


This product has an 8 year Quality Guarantee.

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