Water Tank Vertical JoJo

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Diameter: 1820mm

Height: 2255mm

Lid: 480mm

Inlet: 40mm Female

Outlet: 40mm Female

Overflow: 40mm Water fitting


• Unrivalled expertise, proprietary technology and technical know-how.
• The use of only the best quality food grade raw materials.
• A service ethic that ensures that both pre- and after-sales expectations are met.
• Custom moulding solutions, colours and sizes to meet every customer specific requirement.
• A cost effective storage solution with a higher margin of safety and longer tank life than most other storage tanks.
• UV resistance as all tanks are lined with a carbon black food safety accredited lining material to stop algae growth thus ensuring that stored water remains safe for human consumption. 
• Rust resistance (chemical resistance is available where necessary).
• Increased water efficiency within buildings which in turn reduces the burden on municipal water supply and wastewater systems.
• A reduced energy option in terms of the transport of water from the point of production to the point of use which results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions (due to energy savings).  
• Any damage sustained during handling, storage or erection of the tank or subsequent modification 
• Reaction or soiling of the tanks from chemical agents not compatible with polyethylene
• Damage, failure or leakage caused as a result of any broken, loose or defective connections to the tanks 
• Iron / metal fittings used on the tank as connections 
• Attachments, alterations of the structure or walls of the tanks including welding and use of adhesives etc. 
• Usage of tanks for purpose not intended to 
• Repair work done not by JoJo personnel 
• The lids and roof section of tanks are not intended to carry weight or human movement 
• Liquid contents exceeding 40° C 
• All vertical tanks intended for stationary use only 
• Septic tanks to be used and installed as per installation instructions (See website)