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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 products
Angle Grinder 115mm Stanley-Power Grinder 115mm Stanley-Power
Stanley Angle Grinder 115mm Stanley
Sale priceR 790.00
Sold out
Combination Square Steel Square Steel
Stanley Combination Square Steel Stanley
Sale priceR 385.00
In stock [HDN]
Glue Gun Mini Stanley-Glue
Stanley Glue Gun Mini Stanley
Sale priceR 249.00
In stock [HDN]
Hand Saw
Stanley Hand Saw Stanley
Sale priceR 189.00
Sold out
Save R 51.00
Jigsaw 600w
Stanley Jigsaw 600w Stanley
Sale priceR 1,699.00 Regular priceR 1,750.00
In stock [HDN]
Line Level Level
Stanley Line Level Stanley
Sale priceR 60.00
Sold out
Measuring Tape Powerlock Stanley-Measuring Tape Powerlock Stanley-Measuring
Stanley Measuring Tape Powerlock Stanley
Sale priceFrom R 130.00
In stock [HDN]
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Pry Bar Wonder Bar Stanley-Pry Bar Wonder Bar Stanley-Pry
Stanley Pry Bar Wonder Bar Stanley
Sale priceR 365.00
Sold out
Replacement Blade for Tube Cutter Stanley-Tube Blade for Tube Cutter Stanley-Tube
Stanley Replacement Blade for Tube Cutter Stanley
Sale priceR 85.00
In stock [HDN]
Rotary Hammer Drill 620w Stanley-Handheld Power
Stanley Rotary Hammer Drill 620w Stanley
Sale priceR 1,850.00
In stock [HDN]
Sander 1/4 Sheet
Stanley Sander 1/4 Sheet Stanley
Sale priceR 885.00
In stock [HDN]
Saw Back 300mm
Stanley Saw Back 300mm Stanley
Sale priceR 330.00
In stock [HDN]
Saw Coping
Stanley Saw Coping Stanley
Sale priceR 195.00
In stock [HDN]
Soldering Iron
Stanley Soldering Iron Stanley
Sale priceFrom R 185.00
Sold out
Staples Light Duty (Red) Stanley-Staple Light Duty (Red) Stanley-Staple
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Tube Cutter Stanley-Tube Cutter Stanley-Tube
Stanley Tube Cutter Stanley
Sale priceR 255.00
In stock [HDN]
Utility Blade Knife Hook Blade Knife Hook
Stanley Utility Blade Knife Hook Stanley
Sale priceR 50.00
In stock [HDN]

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