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Showing 1 - 24 of 36 products
Angle Grinder 115mm 850w Fragram-Power
Fragram Angle Grinder 115mm 850w Fragram
Sale priceR 729.00
In stock [HDN]
Angle Grinder 230mm 2200w Fragram-Power
Fragram Angle Grinder 230mm 2200w Fragram
Sale priceR 1,695.00
In stock [HDN]
Battery Li-Ion 18v Li-Ion 18v
Fragram Battery Li-Ion 18v Fragram
Sale priceFrom R 495.00
In stock [HDN]
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Biscuit Jointer 900W Fragram-Power
Fragram Biscuit Jointer 900W Fragram
Sale priceR 799.00
Sold out
Blower Electric 600w Fragram-Leaf
Fragram Blower Electric 600w Fragram
Sale priceR 595.00
In stock [HDN]
Chain Hoist Block Fragram-Chain-Fragram-1
Fragram Chain Hoist Block Fragram
Sale priceR 1,500.00
In stock [HDN]
Circular Saw 185mm 1400w Fragram-Circular
Fragram Circular Saw 185mm 1400w Fragram
Sale priceR 1,249.00
In stock [HDN]
Save R 455.00
Concrete Mixer 120L-Power
Fragram Concrete Mixer 120L
Sale priceR 3,995.00 Regular priceR 4,450.00
In stock [HDN]
Crimping Tool
Fragram Crimping Tool Fragram
Sale priceR 349.00
In stock [HDN]
Save R 305.00
Cut Off Saw 2200w Fragram-Cut-Off
Fragram Cut Off Saw 2200w Fragram
Sale priceR 3,195.00 Regular priceR 3,500.00
Sold out
Drill Cordless 18v Fragram-Cordless
Fragram Drill Cordless 18v Fragram
Sale priceR 1,035.00
In stock [HDN]
Engraver Electric
Fragram Engraver Electric Fragram
Sale priceR 310.00
In stock [HDN]
Fan Pedestal 195w Fragram-Power
Fragram Fan Pedestal 195w Fragram
Sale priceR 1,999.00
Sold out
Save R 455.00
Fan Wall Mounted
Fragram Fan Wall Mounted 200w
Sale priceR 1,795.00 Regular priceR 2,250.00
In stock [HDN]
Generator Petrol 650w Fragram-Power
Fragram Generator Petrol 650w Fragram
Sale priceR 2,150.00
Sold out
Heat Gun 2000w Fragram-Power
Fragram Heat Gun 2000w Fragram
Sale priceR 495.00
In stock [HDN]
Impact Drill 710w Fragram-Handheld Power
Fragram Impact Drill 710w Fragram
Sale priceR 759.00
In stock [HDN]
Impact Drill 900w Fragram-Handheld Power
Fragram Impact Drill 900w Fragram
Sale priceR 839.00
In stock [HDN]
Jigsaw 400w Fragram-Power
Fragram Jigsaw 400w Fragram
Sale priceR 625.00
In stock [HDN]
Ladder A-Frame Fibreglass Yellow-Ladders-Fragram-6 Step (1.8m) A-Frame Fibreglass Yellow-Ladders-Fragram-8 Step (2.1m)
Fragram Ladder A-Frame Fibreglass Yellow
Sale priceFrom R 1,995.00
In stock [HDN]
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Save R 100.00
Mat Workshop
Fragram Mat Workshop Rubber
Sale priceR 449.00 Regular priceR 549.00
In stock [HDN]
Mitre Saw 1400w Fragram-Power
Fragram Mitre Saw 1400w Fragram
Sale priceR 1,590.00
Sold out
Oil Can With
Fragram Oil Can With Spout
Sale priceR 50.00
In stock [HDN]
Oscillating Multi Tool Electric

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