Fence Plastic Mesh (Cintoflex M) p/m

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Hole/Height/Thickness: 18x25mm(1.0m)(1.0mm)
Color: Black
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Made in Italy


Light and resistant plastic fence


Resistant and flexible fence for cages

The exclusive production process of its threads offers the TENAX CINTOFLEX M fence the highest tensile strength and makes it long lasting over time. Its light threads make it an inexpensive solution ideal for creating aviaries and enclosures for courtyard animals. Light and flexible, yet highly tear-resistant, it is mainly used to build cages for small birds and parrots and chicken runs. It is innovative, produced from 100% polypropylene; thanks to the molecular orientation of the threads in both directions (longitudinal and transverse), it offers high tensile strength and high tear resistance.


  • Animal farming
  • Guarantee
  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible

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