Mowing Head FixCut Stihl

STIHLSKU: 4001-710-2105

Size: 31-2
Sale priceR 275.00

VAT included

FixCut™ Cutting Head

Cutting attachment compatible with most straight-shaft trimmers for abrasive soil conditions.

The STIHL FixCut™ 31-2 cutting head is a one-piece magnesium alloy attachment that resists wear better than plastic heads in abrasive soil conditions, such as sandy or volcanic soils, with no moving parts to lose. This easy-loading, lightweight cutting head is ideal for users that prefer manual heads requiring precut lengths of nylon line. Designed with grooves in the sides to reduce trimmer line shearing when contacting solid objects, the FixCut™ 31-2 cuts closer to the ground than most other nylon-line cutting heads. Compatible with all straight-shaft trimmers, from the FS 55 through the FS 131 (except for the lightweight RX models), this magnesium alloy cutting head also works on the FS-KM trimmer attachment in conjunction with any of the current KombiMotor models.

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