Gate Expanding Saftidor Xpanda


Color: White
Size: 815mm
R 980

VAT included

Sold out


Saftidor is Xpanda’s entry level security option. Tried and tested in the field for over 30 years, it is ideal for front, back and passage doors, where one needs to swing stacked product out of the way so as not to lose space. The Saftidor features a unique interlocking lattice work to suit most types of steel and wood openings.


  • A versatile security trellis door that is easily operated without a track, yet provides a steel barrier of security.
  • The Satidor is fully retractable and able to swing away.
  • The Saftidor is available in a wide range of stock sizes that can be fitted to the inside or outside of most doors.
  • The Saftidor’s versatility can be carried across and used in all door and window applications.
  • Two-pin slamlock.

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