Chemical Anchor R-KER Rawl

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  • Approved for use in non-cracked concrete (ETAG001 Option 7)
  • Allows removal of bolt to leave a re-usable socket in place
  • Suitable for use in low temperatures (down to -20°C for winter option) enables use throughout the year
  • Winter version can be used in warmer temperatures for faster curing
  • Suitable for use in dry and wet substrates as well as holes and substrates covered with water
  • Rapid bonding time enables quick execution of works
  • Very high load capacity
  • Anchor does not generate tensions in the substrate which enables R-KER to be specified where closer edge and spacing distances are required
  • Suitable for multiple use. Partly used product can be reused after fitting new nozzle

Installation guide

1. Drill hole to the required diameter and depth for socket size being used.

2. Clean the hole with brush and hand pump at least four times each. It is very important and necessary before installation.

3. Insert cartridge into gun and attach nozzle.

4. Dispense to waste until even colour is obtained.

5. Insert the mixing nozzle to the far end of the hole and inject resin, slowly withdrawing the nozzle as the hole is filled to 2/3 of its depth.

6. Immediately insert the socket, slowly and with slight twisting motion. Remove any excess resin around the hole before it sets and leave it undisturbed until the curing time elapses.

7. Attach fixture and tighten the bolt to the required torque.


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MPN: R-KER-380
Barcode: 5906675222707