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Block Brush Wooden-Tools-Archies
Builders Bucket-Building Tool-Archies
Archies Hardware Builders Bucket
R 60
In stock, 12 units
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Builders Trestle-Building Tool-Archies
Archies Hardware Builders Trestle
R 1,475
In stock, 4 units
Float Floor Plastic-Archies
Float Floor Wooden-Archies
Plaster Hawk Aluminium-Building Tool-Archies
Plaster Hawk Plastic-Building Tool-Archies
Straight Edge Open
Salbev Straight Edge Open Leg
From R 130
In stock, 21 units
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Straight Edge
Salbev Straight Edge Siyakha
From R 155
In stock, 13 units
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Wheel for Barrow Steel Rubber-Castors & Wheels-Archies
Wheel Barrow Steel Import-Garden Tools-Archies
Tyrolene Machine (Ruff Cast)-Building Tool-Archies
Trowel Plaster-Hand Tools-Archies
Builders Line-Building Tool-Archies Line-Building Tool-Archies
Trowel Gauging-Hand Tools-Archies
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Trowel Sponge Rhino-Building Tool-Archies
Trowel Corner Corner
Euro Trowel Corner Outside
From R 50
In stock
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Trowel Corner Inside-Building Corner Inside-Building
Euro Trowel Corner Inside
From R 30
In stock
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Trowel Nosing
Euro Trowel Nosing Euro
From R 50
In stock
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Wheel Barrow Ecobarrow Lasher-Garden Tools-Lasher-Eco Barrow (Full Poly) Barrow Ecobarrow Lasher-Garden Tools-Lasher-Eco Barrow (Full Poly)
Block Brick
Haka Block Brick Mold
R 535
Sold out
Crow Bar Lasher-Tools-Lasher-25mm x
Lasher Crow Bar Lasher
R 290
Sold out
Trowel Plaster Wooden Handle
Wheel Barrow Steel Poly Concrete
Wheel for Barrow Poly Lasher-Castors &
Trowel Small Tool Vicker-Building
Vicker Trowel Small Tool Vicker
R 120
In stock, 3 units
Wheel Barrow Steel Flat Pan Lasher-Wheelbarrows-Lasher-Falcon (0.8mm)
Lasher Wheel Barrow Steel Flat Pan Lasher
R 1,049
Only 2 units left [HDN]
Wheel Barrow Steel Concrete Pan Lasher-Wheelbarrows-Lasher-Falcon (0.8mm) Barrow Steel Concrete Pan Lasher-Wheelbarrows-Lasher-Builder (1.0mm)
Lasher Wheel Barrow Steel Concrete Pan Lasher
From R 815
In stock, 15 units
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Chisel Bolster Electrician Aftool-Chisel-Aftool-55 x Bolster Electrician Aftool-Chisel-Aftool-100
Aftool Chisel Bolster Electrician Aftool
From R 125
In stock, 5 units
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Trowel Brick Wood Handle
Crow Bar Import-Tools-Archies
Archies Hardware Crow Bar Import
From R 365
Only 2 units left [HDN]
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Brick Jointer Steel with Wheels-Brick Jointer-Archies
Brick Joiner Long Wood Handle-Brick Jointer-Archies Hardware-Square
Trowel Jointer Single Groove-Trowel-Archies
Hammer Sledge Forged Copper-Hammers-GROZ-3.6kg R/
GROZ Hammer Sledge Forged Copper
R 1,595
In stock, 3 units
Hammer Ball Pein Poly Handle
Block Brush Plastic Handle

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