Concrete Roof Tile Double Roman Marley


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Double Roman Concrete Tile

A 2000 year bold roll profile that combines classic and modern aesthetics with precision-engineered functionality

  • Most comprehensive quality guaranteed coating solution - 22-year quality guarantee on Marley M22 coating and a 7-year quality guarantee on Marley M11
  • Supremely functional and versatile profile that performs well at all pitches
  • Extra-bold roll creates roofs of outstanding character with the strength and durability of a concrete interlocking tile
  • A large choice of aesthetic colours and finishes including Antique, Standard Through-Colour

Size of Tile

420 x 332 mm

Minimum Pitch

17,5ᴼ (100mm headlap)
26ᴼ (75mm headlap optional)

Maximum Pitch

45ᴼ (Above maximum pitch consult Marley Roofing)

Minimum Headlap

75mm (for pitch of 26ᴼ and above)
100mm (for pitches of 17,5ᴼ to 26ᴼ)

Maximum Gauge

320mm (100mm headlap and at pitches between 17,5ᴼ and 26ᴼ)
345mm (75mm headlap and at pitches of 26ᴼ and above)

Cover Width

301mm (nominal at lock mid shuffle position)

Covering Capacity

10,38 tiles/m² (net) at 100mm headlap
9,63 tiles/m² (net) at 75mm headlap

Weight of Tiling

+ - 46,7kg/m²at 100mm headlap
+ - 43,4kg/m² at 75mm headlap

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