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Ball Valve O Stop MxF 15mm-plumbing-Archies
Clamp Hose
Agrinet Clamp Hose Bolt
From R 10
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Clamp Hose HD TC-Clamps-Tork Hose HD TC-Clamps-Tork
Tork Craft Clamp Hose HD TC
From R 11
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Demand Valve Urinal Valve Urinal
Sabricon Drain Rod
From R 195
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Holderbatt PVC-plumbing-Archies
Jointing Compound Compound
Low Level Flush Pipe-Low
Plumbers Hemp-plumbing-Archies
Rain Sprinkler Brass-Sprinklers-Rain-Jet-(15) 20mm 360°
Rain Sprinkler Plastic-Sprinklers-Rain-Jet-(14) 20mm 360°
Shower Arm
Shower Head Round Livorno-Shower Heads-Livorno-Ø
Shower Rose Knuckle Joint-Shower Heads-Archies
Tap Single Sink Mixer Mixer Deck Type Eurosmart Cosmopolitan
Solder Flux-Solder-Archies
Archies Hardware Solder Flux
From R 50
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Solder Flux Flux
Nasco Solder Flux Nasco
From R 50
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Solder Wire Roll Solid Core 97/3-Solder-Nasco-2.0mm x
Solder Wire with Flux
Sprinkler Pop-Up Gear
Stop Tap FxF Cobra-Isolation
Cobra Stop Tap FxF Cobra
From R 230
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Tap Basin Mixer Black/Rose Gold
Tap Basin Mixer Cast Spout
Tap Basin Mixer Cast Spout Solid-plumbing-Archies
Tap Basin Mixer Pull out Spout Livorno-Taps-Livorno-Matt Basin Mixer Pull out Spout Livorno-Taps-Livorno-Matt
Tap Basin Mixer Sparta/Livorno-Taps-Archies
Tap Basin Mixer Swivel Spout-plumbing-Archies Basin Mixer Swivel
Save 27%
Tap Basin Mixer Swivel Spout
Tap Basin Pillar-plumbing-Archies
Tap Basin Pillar Plastic
Tap Basin Pillar Tap Rosetta/
Tap Bath Mixer
Tap Bath Mixer Complete and Handshower-plumbing-Archies
Tap Bath Mixer Sparta/Livorno-Archies
Tap Bib Extended Body-plumbing-Archies
Tap Bib Short Body-plumbing-Archies
Tap Bib Short Body
Tap Bib Wash Machine

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