Varnish Tint Woodoc


Color: Maranti
Size: 20ml
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Woodoc Stain Concentrates are formulated to be added to the clear Woodoc Solvent-Based Sealer of choice ensuring easy and controlled application. Available in eight classic wood shades that enhance the appearance of all woodwork.

Typical Application

  • Pine furniture becomes more elegant in Ebony, Imbuia or Rosewood.
  • Or richer looking in Teak or Meranti.
  • Or a cottage look in Oregon, Oak or Yellowwood.
  • Darker woods can be given more colour and life whilst keeping its natural colour.


  • Available in pre-measured bottles.
  • Applied by mixing them into a selected sealer for uniform application.
  • Intensity of colour can be controlled. Please refer to instructions on the bottles or download the Usage and application instructions.
Note: Because the natural colour and absorbency of wood differ, the final appearance of Woodoc Stain Concentrates can vary on application. 

Finish: N/A
Application: Indoor and Exterior
Coverage: N/A
Packaging: 20 ml; 100ml
Colour: Refer to colour chart

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