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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products
Waterproofing Flexikote Flexikote
Duram Waterproofing Flexikote Duram
Sale priceFrom R 75.00
In stock [HDN]
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Flash Tape-Waterproofing-Archies Hardware-50mm x
Archies Hardware Flash Tape
Sale priceFrom R 30.00
In stock [HDN]
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Waterproofing Membrane Duramesh-Paint-Duram-200mm x
Duram Waterproofing Membrane Duramesh
Sale priceFrom R 60.00
In stock [HDN]
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Waterproofing Rainproof Rainproof
Olympic Waterproofing Rainproof Olympic
Sale priceR 140.00
In stock [HDN]
Waterproofing Fibre-Tec Fibre-Tec
Duram Waterproofing Fibre-Tec Duram
Sale priceR 345.00
In stock [HDN]
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Bitumen BlackSeal-Lastic
Sika Bitumen BlackSeal-Lastic Sika
Sale priceR 249.00
In stock [HDN]
Bitumen Durabit Durabit
Duram Bitumen Durabit Duram
Sale priceR 215.00
In stock [HDN]
Waterproofing Sealoflex Sealoflex
Sika Waterproofing Sealoflex Sika
Sale priceR 420.00
In stock [HDN]
Waterproofing Fiber Flex Flash Harry-Flash
Save R 26.00
Cement Sealer Cemflex Sealer Cemflex
Sika Cement Sealer Cemflex Sika
Sale priceR 599.00 Regular priceR 625.00
In stock [HDN]
Geotextile Non-Woven Bidim Flashpack Roll Non-Woven Bidim Flashpack Roll
Save R 5.00
Epoxy Coating for Pools Corpro700-Epoxy-OGradys-5L (4.7+0.3L)-Strong
OGradys Epoxy Coating for Pools Corpro700
Sale priceR 995.00 Regular priceR 1,000.00
Sold out
BlackSeal SilverCoat
Sika BlackSeal SilverCoat Sika
Sale priceR 1,985.00
In stock [HDN]
Membrane Cemflex
Sika Membrane Cemflex Sika
Sale priceR 149.00
In stock [HDN]
Geotextile Non-Woven Bidim p/ Non-Woven Bidim p/
ABE Geotextile Non-Woven Bidim p/m
Sale priceR 59.00
In stock [HDN]
Waterproofing Rainkote
Duram Waterproofing Rainkote Duram
Sale priceR 340.00
Sold out
BlackSeal Primer
Sika BlackSeal Primer Sika
Sale priceR 1,395.00
In stock [HDN]

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