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Acetone Powafix
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Caustic Soda Flakes Tripple Red-Drain Cleaner-Tripple
Caustic Soda Flakes Tripple Red
Sale priceR 315.00
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Cleanup Powder Gunge
Cleanup Powder Gunge Spunge
Sale priceR 430.00
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Save R 11.00
Degreaser Multi Purpose Multi Purpose Detergeo-Cleaner-Detergeo-500ml
Degreaser Multi Purpose Detergeo
Sale priceFrom R 49.00 Regular priceR 60.00
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Drain Cleaner LiquiDrain ASHAK-Drain
Drain Cleaner LiquiDrain ASHAK
Sale priceR 130.00
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Drikon Cement
Drikon Cement Catalyst
Sale priceR 415.00
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Etch Cleaner Acid OGradys
Etch Cleaner Acid OGradys
Sale priceR 115.00
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Floor Cleaner Heavy Duty
Floor Cleaner Heavy Duty Y-Clean
Sale priceR 105.00
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Hygiene Liquid Disinfectant (SABS)
Hygiene Liquid Disinfectant (SABS) Y-Clean
Sale priceR 170.00
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Jeyes Fluid
Sale priceR 485.00
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Motar Lift
Motar Lift Polycell
Sale priceR 295.00
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Paint Stripper Durastrip-Paint
Paint Stripper Durastrip
Sale priceFrom R 85.00
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Rust Buster NS1
Rust Buster NS1 Duram
Sale priceR 165.00
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Rust Cleaner Deoxidene PowafixRust Cleaner
Rust Cleaner Deoxidene Powafix
Sale priceR 55.00
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Sanitizer Spray Scented (70% Alcohol) Spray Scented (70% Alcohol)
Sanitizer Spray Scented (70% Alcohol)
Sale priceR 1,165.00
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Septic Tank Nano Treat
Septic Tank Nano Treat SupaGreen
Sale priceFrom R 90.00
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Shutter Release Oil
Shutter Release Oil AS7
Sale priceR 399.00
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Solvent KonKleen
Solvent KonKleen ASHAK
Sale priceR 230.00
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Solvent Pool
Solvent Pool Acid
Sale priceR 110.00
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Solvent Spirits of Salts O'Grady's-Solvents-O'Grady'
Solvent Spirits of Salts O'Grady's
Sale priceR 150.00
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Solvent Spirits of Salts
Solvent Spirits of Salts Powafix
Sale priceR 75.00
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Stone and Facade Cleaner CS100
Save R 6.00
Sugar Soap Liquid
Sugar Soap Liquid Polycell
Sale priceR 39.00 Regular priceR 45.00
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Thinners 2K
Thinners 2K Luxor
Sale priceR 265.00
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