Durabak Duram

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Product Uses

Bedliner for the load beds and tail lifts of bakkies, 4×4’s, trucks and trailers. It can also be used to create non-slip steps, ramps and walkways.


  • Ideal to coat load beds and tail lifts of trucks, bakkies and trailers.
  • Offers protection on 4×4’s.
  • Creates non-slip walkways, stairs and ramps.
  • Creates non-slip areas for wheelchair access, emergency exits, fire escapes and around machinery.
  • Provides non-slip areas for boats, showers and change room floors.

4m² per litre per coat. Applied in a 2 coat application.  4L covers approximately 1 short wheel base bakkie.

Available Sizes

Spray on: 1L and Brush on: 1L and 4L DIY Kit