Shade Netting Cloth HD Knittex p/m (disc)


Color: 20% Black
Width: 3m
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Made from a high-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors for a long life against sunlight degradation. It does not absorb water and does not decay. 

Spectranet has a three bar knitted, lockstitch Z pattern, incorporating one monofilament and two type yarns for dimensional stability, tear and fray resistance. •

The Z pattern gives excellent weft and warp stability, due to throw of the weft yarns across the knitting needles during fabrication of the fabric. •

The Z25 fabric is heat set using a stentering process, giving additional dimensional stability and strength as a result of shrinking and equalizing the yarns lengths and knots in a three bar lockstitch pattern.

The stertering of the Z25 fabric assists in eliminating sagging and looseness in the fabric after installation.


Colour Shade Factor %

UV Block Out %

White 20% 8% 20%
Black 20% 20% 20%
Green 40% 14% 40%
Black/White 40% 32% 35%
Black 40% 40% 40%
Green 80% 76% 76%
Blue 80% 80% 80%
Desert Sand 90% 91%


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