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Anchor Nail In-Fasteners-Archies
Fascor Anchor Shield
From R 5
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Anchor Shield with EYE-Fasteners-Archies
Anchor Sleeve-Fasteners-Archies
Bit Holder Magnetic-Fasteners-Archies Hardware-1/4"
Bolt Gutter & Nuts-Fasteners-Archies
Bolt Hex Head Zinc Plated-Fasteners-Archies
Bolt Hook & Nuts-Fasteners-Archies
Bracket Corner GalvanizedBracket Corner Galvanized
Cable Tie Black Insulok Hellerman-Cable Tie Black Insulok Hellerman-Cable
Cable Tie Tie Power/Electroline/SapiSelco-Archies
Carbon Die Steel-Tork
Tork Craft Carbon Die Steel
From R 85
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Carbon Tap Steel-Tork
Tork Craft Carbon Tap Steel
From R 25
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Chemical Anchor R-KEM Rawl-Chemical Anchor R-KEM Rawl-Chemical
Rawl Chemical Anchor R-KEM Rawl
From R 79 R 160
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Chemical Anchor R-KER Rawl-Chemical
Rawl Chemical Anchor R-KER Rawl
R 189 R 250
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Cup Square
Ferrule Insert PVC-Square Tubing-Archies
Machine Screw CSK (Flat Head)-Bolts-Archies Screw CSK (Flat Head)-Bolts-Archies
Nail Clout Galvanised-Fasteners-Archies
Nail Clout
Tuftex Nail Clout Semi
R 65
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Nail Cut Steel-Fasteners-Archies
Nail Panel Pins-Fasteners-Archies
Nail Ring
Nail Round Wire-Fasteners-Florence
Florence Nail Round Wire
From R 8
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Nail Steel Fluted-Fasteners-Archies
Nut Setter-Fasteners-Archies
Archies Hardware Nut Setter
From R 20
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Nuts Cage Square-Nuts-Archies
Nuts Hex (Metric)-Fasteners-Archies
Nuts Hex Nylock (Metric)
Nuts Wing (Metric)
Rivet Blind Aluminium-Rivets-Waldo-3.2x12mm-per/
Waldo Rivet Blind Aluminium
From R 25
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Rivet Large Flange Aluminium-Rivets-Archies
Rivet Peeled Aluminum-Rivets-Archies Hardware-4.8x15mm-per/
Screw Chipboard PH2-Fasteners-Archies
Screw Chipboard SQ-Fasteners-Archies
Screw Coach & Plug-Fasteners-Archies
Screw Drywall-Fasteners-Archies
Screw Extractor Set-Screw Extractor-Tork Extractor Set-Screw Extractor-Tork
Screw Roof HD-Fasteners-Florence
Florence Screw Roof HD
R 75
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Screw Roof LD-Archies
Screw Tex Self Drilling-Fasteners-Archies Tex Self Drilling-Fasteners-Archies
Screw Top Speed (Type17)-Fasteners-Archies Top Speed (Type17)-Fasteners-Archies
Screwdriver Bit Phillips (PH)-Screwdriver Bit-Archies Hardware-PZ2 Bit Phillips (PH)-Screwdriver Bit-Archies Hardware-PZ2
Screwdriver Bit Pozi (PZ)-Screwdriver Bit-Archies Hardware-PZ1 Bit Pozi (PZ)-Screwdriver Bit-Archies Hardware-PZ2
Screwdriver Bit Square (SQ)-Screwdriver Bit-Archies Hardware-S1 Bit Square (SQ)-Screwdriver Bit-Archies Hardware-S1
Self Tapping Screw CSK Head-Self Tapping Screw-Archies
Self Tapping Screw Pan Head-Self Tapping Screw-Archies
Shackle Shackle D
From R 10
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