Areial Grid

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Wideband antennas that can receive the entire Digital Terrestrial Television UHF band preventing receive antenna changes when channels are added or moved. F-Connector coax cable connection at antenna allows quick and easy cable installation and improved performance over traditional TV antenna “saddle” connectors. Delivered in a reduced size configuration and is clicked open into full dimensions at installation with one very easy operation and no tools. Powder coated reflector, UV stabilised plastics and galvanised mast mounting hardware allow longer service life. Grid Panel reflector antenna is significantly more resistant to damage by nesting birds and rotation about mast due to wind and is less obtrusive than traditional “Yagi” and LPDA and other horizontally long types of antennas. Grid Panel antenna can be elegantly/easily mounted on the outside of a house wall allowing an installation that is not easily visible from outside the property. (Location/direction and distance to transmitter permitting)