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Welding Rod E6013
Promax Welding Rod E6013 Promax
From R 45
In stock, 241 units
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Welding Rod
CHISA Welding Rod Chisa
From R 35
In stock, 8 units
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Welding Rod
Afrox Welding Rod Vitemax
From R 130
In stock, 21 units
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Solder Flux Flux
Nasco Solder Flux Nasco
From R 50
In stock
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Boilermaker Chalk Soapstone-Chalk-Archies Chalk Soapstone-Chalk-Archies
Solder Wire
Nasco Solder Wire 15g
R 20
In stock
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Solder Wire Roll Solid Core 97/3-Solder-Nasco-2.0mm x
Solder Flux-Solder-Archies
Archies Hardware Solder Flux
From R 50
In stock
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Welding Mig Wire ER70S-6 Mig Wire ER70S-6
Pinnacle Welding Mig Wire ER70S-6 Pinnacle
From R 385
Only 1 unit left [HDN]
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Soldering Iron
Stanley Soldering Iron Stanley
From R 150
Sold out
Solder Wire with Flux
Welding Rod S Pro Pinnacle-Electrode-Pinnacle-2.5mm
Pinnacle Welding Rod S Pro Pinnacle
R 210
In stock, 4 units
Solder Wire Roll Acid
Nasco Solder Wire Roll Acid Cored
From R 95
In stock, 15 units
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Welding Rod Low Hydrogen Electrode

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