Wasmasjien Top Loader Inlaatklep Solenoid

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Customer Reviews

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Shane van Niekerk
Nothing Exceptional

I bought an item from the online shop and paid for it.
The transaction was painless (after I had done figuring out all the payment options).
The dispatch took place quickly, as I would expect.
The courier took exactly a week to deliver. Not the quickest, but also not the slowest.
So all in all there is nothing exceptional about this transaction.

Lukholo Mabuto
Just as expected

Good quality and just as expected. Delivery was quick and packaging was excellent

Corne Dreyer

Very good service

William Muller

Just want to say thank you that the machine part i ordered is what i got and not something els.

Roy Alves

Washing Machine Top Loader Inlet Valve Solenoid


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